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Amazing as it seems, starch helps your body burn fat, cut cravings, and boost your metabolism, says world-renowned doctor
How would you like to lose 10, 20, 30 pounds or more and BOOST your energy while eating your fill of starch-based potatoes, bread, pasta, and rice?
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In fact, thousands upon thousands of Dr. John McDougall’s patients are seeing astounding, permanent weight loss results by eating more starches!

Best of all, they were able to eat as much as they wanted and lose weight without counting calories … without attending meetings … without buying costly prepackaged meals … and without exercising!

If being overweight and nagging health concerns are a problem for you, then Dr. McDougall’s THE STARCH SOLUTION is your answer. Read on and you’ll discover:

A super-flexible eating plan with 100 recipes! Renowned weight loss doctor John McDougall reveals all the comfort food recipes you can enjoy and which foods to avoid for best results. You’ll love the French Toast, Broccoli Bisque, Pasta Salad, Tex-Mex Potatoes, and more.

How to fight off diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, stroke, and more. THE STARCH SOLUTION shows exactly how you can help fight a large number of ailments that are linked to a typical American diet. Thrilling case examples show you how it works.

How to supercharge your weight loss with the 7-Day Sure Start Plan! The first rule is to eat as much starchy food as you’d like. Discover the foods that help turbocharge weight loss and trim your waistline, plus get a sample 7-day menu that makes it all so simple. Click here for more details!
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Doctor's commonsense answer" Why you need to eat more STARCH
"We hear a lot about carbohydrates, and whether or not we should eat them," says Dr. John McDougall, "but we don't hear enough about the most valuable type of carbohydrate — starch."

The value in starch comes from the fact that we can break it down into simple sugars, which provide us with sustained energy, keeping us feeling full and satisfied.

"We humans are built to thrive on starch. The more rice, corn, potatoes, sweet potatoes, and beans we eat, the trimmer, more energetic, and healthier we become...the body will burn them off as heat and energy rather than store much of them as fat." Get full details FREE for 21 days, in THE STARCH SOLUTION!
Look what happened when they feasted on starch-filled comfort foods!

Cloudy Rockwell lost 92 pounds and went from a size 26 jeans to a size 4.

Cloudy After
...she no longer suffers from hip and knee pain. “I have to say that the first bite of brown rice, after 5 years of eschewing carbs, brought tears to my eyes! It was like welcoming back an old friend! The starch-based diet has been satisfying and filling. It is also easy to shop for, and meal planning is so simple.

“I have brought down my cholesterol and blood sugars; I can run without tiring for 20 minutes. I went from being old before my time to a woman who is looking forward to all the years to come.” Read Cloudy’s full story on page 24 of THE STARCH SOLUTION.

Elizabeth TeSelle was a “fat vegan” but lost 90 pounds.

Elizabeth After
... simple food switches revealed in THE STARCH SOLUTION. “The most amazing part is that I can eat until my appetite is completely satisfied without worrying about wavering from my weight goal. That can mean second, third, even fourth helpings at times!“

"Whereas I once wore a size 16, I now shop for a size 4. My cholesterol is down from 181 to 123/mg/dL and my blood pressure is down from 160/100 to 122/70 mmHg. My fasting glucose has gone from 113 to 79 mg/dL.” Read Elizabeth’s full story on page 132 THE STARCH SOLUTION.

As Donna Byrnes paged through images of potatoes, rice, pasta, vegetables, and fruit, she thought, “I can do this!”

Donna After
“I was overweight, constipated, and becoming arthritic before I even reached adulthood," said Donna Byrnes. “I looked for help in many places. After landing on Dr. McDougall’s website, I knew at once he was different. He didn't advocate dieting as a way to lose weight. Rather, he suggested [the plan outlined in THE STARCH SOLUTION] as the path to health.”

Read Donna's full story — and how she lost 70 pounds and regained vibrant health — on page 86 of THE STARCH SOLUTION.

“Beyond shedding excess weight almost effortlessly, you will look better, feel better, function better, and live better,” says John McDougall, MD. Discover the secrets FREE for 21 days with this special offer!
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A typical overweight consumer who follows the plan described in The Starch Solution can expect to lose up to 1 to 2 pounds a week.

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